The Nursery

The Nursery is a one-stop shop to help you understand the ecosystem and direct you towards the right resources, based on your needs, to accelerate the transformation of your ideas into solutions.

Our team is here for you. The sector-specific referral service helps you find the right experts, business partners, equipment, suppliers, financing, and so much more!

The Business Nursery: a driver of growth

From start-ups to corporations, all the services and partners focusing on the transportation and logistics ecosystem are available in one location. Regardless of your needs, the Business Nursery is there to support you in your growth.


Services hub

Access a directory of suppliers and experts available and ready to support you in your growth challenges.

Confidently choose a business partner thanks to the CIM pre-qualification process and benefit from special pricing.


Continuum program

Are you a startup or a SME and are you no longer sure what to focus next?

Comme meet our team. They will help you identify the next steps in your journey and guide you through the Quebec ecosystem with complete neutrality.

After analyzing your needs and ambitions, they will suggest a clear roadmap to help you navigate the partners in this ecosystem.


Open innovation

No good ideas are born in isolation. The mobility ecosystem is booming around the world. Why not take advantage of this pool of talent and ideas?

Open innovation is a proven practice that allows all types of organizations to collaborate with external partners, often start-ups, instead of limiting themselves to their internal resources.

Regardless of your needs, you will remain in control of the process and be involved in all steps of the promotion and collaboration parts. Our team will support you and help you find partners among its vast international network.

Turn your ideas from concept to market thanks to the Projects Nursery

It can take a lot of resources to turn your idea from concept to market, especially if you have no support. An innovative project requires close attention in order to become a real business opportunity.

Are you in search of a partner with extensive experience in managing and coordinating collaborative innovation projects?

Our team of innovation project managers is there to support you in the planning and implementation of your projects, from R&D to marketing.