Innovation platforms

Innovation platforms are physical or virtual spaces where companies can collaboratively develop and test innovation projects in a collaborative way by having access to unique shared infrastructure, equipment, and data.

They are co-developed and co-funded by industry partners in order to meet their needs, as a complement to what exists in the ecosystem and in their own organisation.

Access to the platforms is open to everyone and can be reserved within the scope of collaborative projects or on a strictly confidential basis. Adapted pricing is available for each platform.

Your innovation platforms


Charging and energy management

  • To enable, thanks to modular installations, the testing and approval of new pre-commercial solutions by equipment manufacturers and enable data collection

  • To facilitate the observations of users for the purposes of improving the product and the customer experience

  • To encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience among institutional, academic, and industrial partners

  • To make a unique innovation platform available to develop new energy management solutions in a business environment

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Logistics in densely populated areas

  • Develop a last mile delivery innovation centre in a densely populated area

  • Test the use of new smart and carbon-free solutions for commercial and domestic delivery in densely populated areas (automated delivery robots, collection sites, etc.)

  • Collect and analyze data on deliveries in downtown Montreal

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ADAS garage

  • Development spaces where partners can equip and adapt vehicles to conduct validation and data collection campaigns in the Montreal Metropolitan Area

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More innovation platforms to come!

Other potential innovation platforms have been identified and will be developed in a coming phase, specifically in connection with the following intervention areas:

  • Interoperability of charging and heavy duty vehicles;

  • Data sharing;

  • Batteries;

  • Digital twins and simulation.

The CIM is looking for industrial partners interested in contributing to the development of these platforms. This contribution can take on different forms: expertise, equipment, space, funding, etc. It’s a nice way to contribute to the implementation of a growth-generating project, by ensuring that you meet your needs and making your company stand out.

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